Birger Roknes old guestbook 1.
Jorunn Kveim Låte ( søndag 13. sepember 1998 kl. 19:17:12
            Artig å se slektninger på Internett. Jeg husker det sto om Knut Rokne i engelskboka mi i
            første gym. Patterns tror jeg den heter.
Richard P Hlousek ( lørdag 12. sepember 1998 kl. 17:48:50
          Thanks for have such a great link to the past. Knute was one person I would have loved to
           sit and visit with.
Dan Durrence ( Bildetirsdag 1. sepember 1998 kl. 9:38:1
Nice Page! could use a few more anigifs o the like! lol Nice to have meet you! LOVE THE
CAR! This pic is a few years old and was taken just after the figure 8s here in rock rapids
Harold Gilbertson ( lørdag 20. juni 1998 kl. 2:6:1
Nice to meet a fellow Norske! I'm an American one,& can't read it. A nice page!
Heidi Kramer ( tirsdag 5. mai 1998 kl. 21:50:24
Hi it's Heidi Love the web page. Cool pictures.It was nice meeting you on ICQ. keep up the
good work..Talk to you later.
Mike Steele ( mandag 2. februar 1998 kl. 22:40:41
Hi Birger!. This is from Mike Steele. I have written a book on Rockne and another on Notre
Dame football. I seek help with photos from Voss for a new book on Rockne. I graduated
from both Notre Dame (BA) and Michigan State (Ph. D).
Kevin Hayes ( Bildelørdag 3. januar 1998 kl. 21:56:31
"Hei Norweige!!!!" I am a graduate of Michigan State University, but Knute Rockne was the
greatest American sports coach in our history. Also, I have written what is believed to be the
world's first fiction novel about your (Norway's) favorite sport--cross country skiing. I have
dedicated this book, titled "Kickland" to the memory of Vegard's brother Kjetil Ulvang. If
you would like to know more, go to
Mark Moulliet ( fredag 2. januar 1998 kl. 1:25:29
A great site to one of the greatest coaches, ever. Knute propeled Our Lady's School to great-
ness. God did make Knute and Notre Dame #1!!!!!!!!! Mark
R J ( mandag 29. desember 1997 kl. 0:21:3
Hallo Birger !! Har lest ein del av dine heimesider. Kjempebra!
Arne Hofseth ( fredag 12. desember 1997 kl. 13:24:42
Flott side, og imponerande gjestebok, Birger. Arne H.
Ken Thomas (ktd2336) fredag 12. desember 1997 kl. 7:53:2
 Knute you were the greatest and always will be the greatest!!!!!!
Tom and Carrie (Boe) Green ( onsdag 26. november 1997 kl. 5:40:58
Nice Page Birger ! My wife is related to Knute Rockne. He ancestors were ROGNE, and
BO, from the BO farm in Voss, Norway. We would like to hear from anyone with geneal-
ogical information on Knute Rockne, and the related families from Voss, Norway. Thanks,
Astrid Solheim ( fredag 21. november 1997 kl. 12:2:29
Hei! Du skreiv deg inn i gjesteboka mi, så eg tenkte eg skulle gjere det samme. Eg veit ikkje
kven du er, men, men...
ROBBIE FOWLER ( lørdag 15. november 1997 kl. 0:50:29
Bra, Birger! Stå på og legg inn meir info om KOPLADS.
OleBrumm ( mandag 10. november 1997 kl. 23:37:53
This was nice!
Redknapp ( lørdag 8. november 1997 kl. 23:45:58
Hallo Birger. Eg provde å faa kontakt med deg paa mIRC, men du var vel på Park for å
såg på damene tenkjer eg. Bra kamp idag !!!!!
Josh Hartman ( torsdag 6. november 1997 kl. 19:35:26
Hey there Birger, I am Josh Hartman. I live in Bluffton, IN. which isn't but two hours or
so from South Bend! I have loved Notre Dame and every ounce of it's lore since I was
born. I am truly the biggest Notre Dame fan alive. I love the site, man. Way to pay resp-
ects to Knute, the man, the myth, the legend. 
diana ( torsdag 6. november 1997 kl. 0:17:22
nice page but were is your picture :) 
Kai Engvik ( tirsdag 4. november 1997 kl. 14:9:27
Var en tur innom siden din Har faktisk hørt om Knut Rokne, tror det var et program på tv
en gang i tiden. Jeg holdt engang et foredrag på skolen om amerikansk fotball og var da
innom slekningen din også. Ha fortsatt en hyggelig dag.
david ( mandag 3. november 1997 kl. 22:20:34
Webpage looks great 
Michele Rockne-Semkow ( fredag 24. oktober 1997 kl. 1:38:54
Greetings, Birger! This is Michele Rockne-Semkow of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I
got some email from my brother Karl Rockne earlier this summer, but haven't checked out
your web page until now. My (our?) cousin Eunice (Rockne) Stenshol and her family have
a very detailed book on the geneology of Lars and Martha Rockne, who emigrated to the
US in 1850. They were the founders of the line of Rockne's in the US that includes A.J.
Rockne, which someone mentioned earlier. Send me some email if you'd like more info.
Anyway, it was real cool to see your web page...I look forward to hearing from you some-
time. Sorry I missed the reunion in Voss! 
Hans Kr. Magnor (, tirsdag 21. oktober 1997 kl. 22:32:48
Heisann, dette synes jeg var kjempebra. Flott at sjåfører også for til noe på nettet. Det viser
mengden av kunnskap vi/dere besitter. 
Kurt Arild Midtun ( torsdag 25. sepember 1997 kl. 13:45:37
Laurdagen på Pentagon var stooooor, det var også Peer Gynt. Triveleg at festivalen etter
kvart kan gå med overskot 
Øyvind Kvamme ( onsdag 17. sepember 1997 kl. 19:8:23
Ei lita helsing frå Koplads nummer 17 i Granvin. 
Nils Helge Nesbø ( onsdag 27. august 1997 kl. 20:31:1
Carrie Stoica ( søndag 24. august 1997 kl. 18:58:18
Good info.. 
Jan-Egil Mandelid ( torsdag 21. august 1997 kl. 22:19:34
Ja, no virkar gjesteboka di att ! Flott ! Fekk desverre ikkje til til å ta turen innom messa i
Carolyn ( mandag 28. april 1997 kl. 20:8:4
Birger, GREAT HOMEPAGE!!! :-) It was really nice chatting with you! Hope to see you
in ICQ again soon! Carolyn AKA Angela Bennett 
Jack Clow ( mandag 28. april 1997 kl. 18:46:32
good early information that i could't find any where else thanks 
randi stoelas ( tirsdag 15. april 1997 kl. 13:43:53
Hei gamle venn. Har prøvd å sende til deg på vanlig måte, men må bruke gjestelisten din
for å få kontakt. Ta kontakt. Din Randi 
Cato ( tirsdag 15. april 1997 kl. 0:48:33
Birger, I have to leave a message here because something is wrong with my e-mail send-
facility. Do you use MS NetMeeting, at all? Regards, Cato. 
Chrissy ( mandag 17. mars 1997 kl. 22:48:0
Hi, there! Nice site about my big idol. I`m not related to him but, I am a huge fan of him.
I also have a CD-ROM about him, it`s very nice. But, you propably have it. Keep up the
good work!. 
Jan Arthur Hagen (janartha@login.eunet,no) tirsdag 11. mars 1997 kl. 21:39:15
Hello Birger!!!! Great homepage you got. 
James K. Racknee (Racknee@netscam.ram) lørdag 8. mars 1997 kl. 1:1:42
Hello! Great page! I am related to Knute, and are a great fan of him. The shit hit the fan so
to speak. 
Ronny Hovsløkken mandag 3. mars 1997 kl. 23:55:23
Nei, God dag og God dag. eit spørsmål? Kven i Hel..... er Knut i Roknen... var det han som
grunnla Jernia eller? For meg er knuten so knytt at eg ikkje finn ut av han. men, men,, kanskje
du kan fylle inn det som eg manglar. 
Kathleen Hunt ( mandag 13. januar 1997 kl. 4:15:16
Hi Birger. Great page. My grandmother is a Rockne and claims to be related to Knute. Evid-
ently her grandfather and Knute's father were either brothers or cousins, not too clear on that.
My great uncles did resemble Knute to the point that my mother thought that her uncle was
in the encyclopedia! Anyway I have information on the Aad J. Rockne line at least from North
Lynn ( fredag 27. desember 1996 kl. 18:39:10
Your home page is so cool . Thanx for the address and letting me see it . (GREAT JOB ) I wish
you all the best. Luscious 
Khettai Langkarpint ( tirsdag 10. desember 1996 kl. 15:56:16
Khettai Langkarpint 221 Sir Henry Parkes Road Canley, Coventry CV4 8GJ UK Tel 01203-
715825 e-mail or & I am study
PhD in Law at University of Warwick, UK.I am a friend of Birger since Hardanger Folkehogskule 
Elisa (maclise) Craker ( mandag 2. desember 1996 kl. 21:11:48
hiya kramer...just thought i'd drop in and take a look at the rennovations. :)BTW...your dog
looks an awful lot like my dog Brandy, only she has a topknot and a shorter muzzle, but other
than that they could be twins! all your links to other sites are page is still under cons-
truction :) Anyway, just thought i'd say hi to ya...merry christmas to ya...ya look good in a tux...
etc. :) Lotsa love and a big stogie to ya! 
don cooney ( torsdag 21. november 1996 kl. 3:44:54
knute rockne is the most dynamic figure football has ever produced. notre dame, while undou-
btedly a great school, is forever indebted to rockne. he put the school on the road to greatness
both in athletics and academics. 
James C. Miller, Ph.D. ( onsdag 20. november 1996 kl. 5:55:53
I have been told that Knute Rockne said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." If so, when, where
and in what context? I would like to use the quote in a book. 
Kyle ( fredag 15. november 1996 kl. 4:53:41
Hey Birger, just sayin hi. I thinks its pretty coool thet you are related to Kinute Rockne. I am
a huge ND fan!! Later. 
Jeremiah Frederick Rockne ( mandag 11. november 1996 kl. 0:52:57
Hello there, It´s me again.. Please e-mail me if you want. I just spoke to my father, and he says
we are related to some Rockne in Norway, that is called George, Is this family yours? 
Jeremiah Frederick Rockne ( mandag 11. november 1996 kl. 0:24:58
Hello, I guess we must be related. I am a 45 year old Rockne from Tuscon, and I know I am
related to the great Knute. I own a computer store, and I have a great CD-Rom about old Knute.
Cool stuff. Bye for now relative! 
Alison Thomas-Foerst (Alison ) søndag 10. november 1996 kl. 15:19:29
Hey I'm Alison, Ithink that this is a really nifty homepage and that your dog is exteremly adorable.
Well gotta jet C-YAZ Alison Thomas-Foerst 
Carol Barthel ( lørdag 9. november 1996 kl. 15:52:11
Hi, Birger, from another Rokne cousin, Carol Barthel. We met at your parents' home when I
came with my parents for the reunion. We had a wonderful time and may be returning in Spring,
1997. If you get to Florida again, visit my parents Pat & Walter Stiles in Englewood. 
Geir Sundet ( Bilde onsdag 6. november 1996 kl. 3:12:33
Hei Birger. Dritstilig at det begynner å bli flere trailersjåfører på nettet. Snart tar vi helt over!!!
Hilsen Geir Sundet 
Georg Rokne ( tirsdag 5. november 1996 kl. 19:0:9
Hei. Jeg er ikke i slekt med hverken deg eller Knute men dog... 
Geir Morten Støle ( tirsdag 5. november 1996 kl. 11:42:9
Hei Birger!! Lenge sidan sist. Er no på plass i Bergen og er klar på nettet!! See you! 
Larry Rockne ( søndag 27. oktober 1996 kl. 4:27:2
Hi Birger, I met you at a family re-union in Voss in jun of 94. Still planning on coming back
one day soon. Larry 
Gary Henson (garyhen@netscam.ram) fredag 18. oktober 1996 kl. 23:9:8
Hello, Nice page, though I think Knute Rockne was an idiot. Didn´t have a clue about football.
His team was good anyhow. I know that it was my great great grandfather Barry Hesnon that
was the real genius, not Rockne. Rockne stole all the glory from Barry. Life sucks. 
Gil Edwards ( mandag 30. sepember 1996 kl. 12:5:43
I think Knut Rokne was a hero to inspire us all I hope to meet you one day, maybe next time
I'm in Voss 
gary scharrer ( tirsdag 24. sepember 1996 kl. 4:42:41
Hi Birger: Have you ever visited South Bend? Great campus ... I've been there a couple of
times... I sensed the presence of your great-great grandfather. What a legend! Gary & Ryan
Scharrer in Austin, Texas 
Frode N. Johansen ( søndag 22. sepember 1996 kl. 23:54:14
Hei på deg. Takker også Deg for hjelpen, min første dag på nettet. Du var til stor hjelp.
Forøvrig likte jeg ikke at Du holder med Liverpool og Brann, jeg oppfordrer Deg til å tegne
medlemsskap i LILLESTRØM og Leeds. Hilsen Frode.
Angel Mobley-A.K.A. Renee ( onsdag 4. sepember 1996 kl. 14:4:27
hey there Birger! :) nifty home page you have here! Luv the tidbit on Kramer....WHAT
Arie Bakker ( torsdag 29. august 1996 kl. 20:6:21
Hi Birger, Just letting you know I'visited your homepage. Nice piece on your grandfather.
Greetings from a rainy town called Waddinxveen in the Netherlands 
Diane Yelvington (mstcr@aol) torsdag 29. august 1996 kl. 19:2:0
Hello Birger, After reading some of the posts I guess you have lots of cousins in the U.S.
My grandfather said that he and Knute were cousins but I think maybe once removed.
Our family is from Voss. My great grandfather was Nels Jager and he married Inga Lee.
I believeshe was born around 1855. Also the story has been that Nels tho it could be his
father was the constable in Voss before moving to Illinois. The farm he moved to in the
1870's is still in the family. We also have letters from Knute to my Grandpa. Knute came
to the farm and went hunting. I was in Voss about 10 years ago. Loved it. Saw the hardware
store. Iknow that when my mother was in Norway 15 or so years ago there was still one
Jager in town but did not find him on my trip. Anyway great to find a bit of info on Knute
and the family. Good Luck. 
Erling Garatun ( fredag 23. august 1996 kl. 18:13:18
Hei, Birger Minnest du Vatles handelsskule 84/85? Leiv Prestegard og Fru Karevoll?
Kanskje du til og med hugsar meg (Erling Juberg, men no heiter eg Garatun) Fin heimeside,
Kramer rules! 
Jon Hjørnevik ( onsdag 21. august 1996 kl. 15:54:6
Du er ein helt i Liverpool samanheng. Du er den største Liverpool supporteren på Voss.
Da ekje lite berre da. Stao Pao! Beste helsing sambygding John Cornerbay, Kyte. 
Jan ( tirsdag 13. august 1996 kl. 20:23:7
Hello Birger, well I finally got to your guest book to leave a message. I love your home
page, it's very good. Your dog is lovely, oh, and so are you. One of the genuine nice people
you meet on the net, and Ireally enjoy talking to you. By the way this is Pippa. 
Cato Rockne-Meyer ( mandag 12. august 1996 kl. 13:38:49
Hi Birger. I very much like the friendly idea of your Web page layout and putting up
information about Knute Rockne. Greetings to all. Cato. 
JENNIFER HARBOUR (BLONDANGL@JUNO.COM) tirsdag 30. juli 1996 kl. 21:59:38
HI BIRGER!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR WEBPAGE!!!!!! YOU did a wonderful job!!!Y HI
Jane Champion (JCHAMPION@InfoAve.Net) fredag 19. juli 1996 kl. 22:16:11
I was in your wonderful town of Voss two weeks ago. looking up family geneology. My
Great Great Grandfather, Odd Johannesson Himle was one of the first to emmigrate from
Voss to America in 1837. He returned in 1844 to marry Mari Larsdotter Gjerme. So far I
have been successful in tracing Odd's family back to the mid-late 1600's. The information I
found at the Voss library on the Gjerme farm has no information on Mari. Family lore has
it that my grandmother was a relative/cousin? of Knute Rockne. I have been able to establish
that Knute's mother was a Gjerme, as well as an aunt. Do you have any informtion regarding
Knute's mother's family? Do you show a Mari born sometime around 1823-1825? I have
quite a bit of information about Odd's & Mari's family in throughout the
United States. 
Tony Nelson ( torsdag 18. juli 1996 kl. 8:8:4
I have been studying about your great, great, grandfather Knute K. Rockne for almost 40 years.
I am continuing my search for information. Can you give me any information him. My research
suggests that he left Voss when he was 5 years old when his father left to bring his carriages
to the 1890 World's Fair in Chicago, USA. Will you be including info about Knute Rockne in
your home page. I will visit again soon to see your progress. I live in Waterloo (near Toronto),
Ontario, Canada. I hope you being using lots of English. 
Who knows? ( mandag 8. juli 1996 kl. 20:34:50
Kasper! Takk for god kursing. Nå er vi igang. To jenter under Høgaberget 
Paul S. Rykken ( lørdag 6. juli 1996 kl. 4:45:30
Paul Rykken: Black River Falls Wisconsin. I am a high school history teacher with Norwegian
heritage. My family camefrom Voss. I 
Daniel Mossefinn onsdag 3. juli 1996 kl. 23:6:10
Hallo Birger så her eg endelig fått sett heimesida di! Den var jo ikkje så verst. Foresten er
Brann betre enn Liverpool 
Daniel ( onsdag 3. juli 1996 kl. 22:48:21
you have an interesting page .... Liverpool are the best .. you'll never walk alone 
Ronny hovsloekken ( mandag 1. juli 1996 kl. 2:48:15
Hei Kramer Kul homepage,kjem det linker til forskjellige fanklubber på supportersida? Eg
kunne tenke meg adressa til Tottenham, og Manchester U. 
Sue ( søndag 16. juni 1996 kl. 5:21:25
Great looking homepage, dear heart!! Keep up the good work! 
Sojourner (tennessee) ( lørdag 15. juni 1996 kl. 5:10:39
Very quick visit friend. Marked it in bookmark and will visit again soon. 
Sveinug Riber ( lørdag 15. juni 1996 kl. 1:37:7
Me surfa innom sida di nattestid og tok utskrift av supportersida. Det var eit flott oppsett.
Takk for hjelpa! 
Nils Helge Nesbo ( torsdag 13. juni 1996 kl. 23:51:32