Birger Rokne's old guestbook 2.

******** Mottatt fra Birger Rokne ( - 1998.09.04-02.13.15 ********

This is Birger's guestbook. Feel free to sign it.


******** Mottatt fra Kathy ( - 1998.09.06-18.20.00 ********

kramer its nice to have a webpage like this! I know your ancestory would be proud! Keep memory alive!

******** Received from Harold Gilbertson ( - 1998.09.06-18.46.19 ********

Happy to be present in this book! Very nice home page!

******** Received from Stig Elvis ( - 1998.09.08-10.26.49 ********

Your relative seems like the Elvis Presley of Football, the one who has created the whole thing as we know it today. Fabulous home-page, whith lots of great links to The Big E. Although King Creole is my favourite movie, if I`m forced to choose. Taking Care of Business, indeed! Sincerely Stig Elvis

******** Received from Geir Sundet ( - 1998.09.11-14.59.56 ********

Hei Birger. Gratulere med ansiktsløftinga på hjemmesida de! Håper du fortsetter den fine innsatsen for andre sjåfører og for fotballfansen!
Hilsen Geir

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******** Received from Richard P Hlousek ( - 1998.09.12-19.21.41 ********

Keep up the great work

******** Received from Peter Baggenstos ( - 1998.09.14-04.47.59 ********

******** Received from Dan Durrence ( - 1998.09.15-02.24.26 ********

Nice new address! Yes, my email is workin. Have you sent some in the last week or so? I page needs work...(LOL) Just got to find the time!

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******** Received from kenneth & jane rice ( - 1998.09.16-16.20.43 ********

Received your letter. I am using the Internet at our sons business as we are not on this yet. Glad you had a good trip to the USA. Will send you a letter soon. Your Icelandair friends, Kenneth & Jane

******** Received from Lloyd Gunderson ( - 1998.09.19-00.09.26 ********

Some friends in Minneapolis told me about your home page. I am orginally from Moorhead, Minnesota. Of course Norweigian as well. I have been to Norway twice and really love your country. All of my Grandparents came from Fyresdal Telemark. Very interesting to read your stroy on your home page. Sincerely, Lloyd Gunderson

******** Received from Rob Scranton ( - 1998.09.26-02.44.32 ********

Well I am a big football fan. Also a large Michigan Fan. All I want to do I become a football coach, And I am researching on Top coaches of the beginning of this century. I have read a autobiography and I am doing one of his halftime speeches in one of my speech classes.

******** Received from Susan Hanlon ( - 1998.09.29-01.44.16 ********

Hi Nice to read your story ,i dont know much about American History im canadian and it was a pleasure to read it

******** Received from Geri Steele ( - 1998.09.30-18.07.28 ********

Hello, Birger. My husband (Mike Steele) told me how to get to your website. I really enjoyed the tale of your trip to the United States. It is too bad in this case that this country is so large; I know if we lived closer to South Bend, we would have wanted to go meet you on your visit here! Best wishes from Geri Steele

******** Received from Angel Mobley ( - 1998.10.03-00.22.58 ********

Ya hey der Birger! (that is a saying from Wisconsin--although I'm from Chicago, IL) :))) Take care! angel

******** Received from Dean Costas ( - 1998.10.05-02.18.33 ********

Nice touch on the Rockne site. I enjoyed it. Well done. Dean Costas

******** Received from Pandie - 1998.10.05-15.29.05 ********

You have a great home page. It is nice to see one with so much wonderful family history! See you on 40playland! Oh and thanks for signing my book! Pandie

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******** Received from Scott Lis ( - 1998.10.05-23.38.34 ********

Hey birger cool page dude. keep it up

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******** Received from Rhianna ( - 1998.10.06-01.20.14 ********

I still think that you are just the cutest little devil i have ever seen...Kisses Rhi

******** Received from John Milliken Bristol, IN. (JJJohny26) - 1998.10.21-23.46.39 ********

Being a N.D. fan for 43 years, I learned a lot from this wonderful web sight. Thank You.

******** Received from kim hyland ( - 1998.11.05-18.15.56 ********

It's great to see information about Knute! Thanks!!!!!!!

******** Received from The Norwegian Football Junkie ( - 1998.11.10-22.44.18 ********

Wow. This site scares me. I haven't seen so much information about Knute Rockne gathered anywhere else. This site is truly one of a kind ! Check out my web site if you would like to know what's going on in Norwegian football. And yes, that means the pigskin, NOT soccer ! There are actually a chosen few who play this great game in Norway too ;)

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******** Received from Turid M. Farestveit. ( - 1998.11.22-23.15.44 ********

Hei Birger! Det er fint at det er Vossingar på nettet med vilje til å fortelja om si stolte slekt, og er det nokon som har noko å skriva om så er det du! Du har ei flott heimeside. P.S:Hels AAgot og alle dei andre....

******** Received from Rodney C. Walmer ( - 1998.11.23-00.11.10 ********

Hey Birger, great page. Very informative. Thank you.

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******** Received from ben kane ( - 1999.02.15-04.26.50 ********

actually Ben is my grandfather-in-law ---I was looking up info on Knute on the internet for him. He'll be 89 years old soon and played for Knute in 1930-31---his freshman team was the 1st team to set foot in the notre dame stadium after it was built!

******** Received from ben kane ( - 1999.02.15-04.35.49 ********

follow-up of the prior note just sent---Ben doesn't have a computer, but would welcome any mail from early team members, fans, or relatives of the players and coaches from that time period. His address is Ben Kane, 200 Lake Blvd., Buffalo Grove, Il. 60089

******** Received from Nick Sanders (nltopdogg) - 1999.02.17-01.00.51 ********

Cool page.

******** Received from OLE(FILOSOF)STÅLAND - 1999.02.18-09.44.36 ********


******** Received from Kyle Morrison ( - 1999.02.19-23.57.29 ********

what else is there to say except good job....i mean its about knute......

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******** Received from christia grindevoll (chrisgrindevoll@hotmail,com) - 1999.02.20-20.47.36 ********

cowboys is best

******** Received from tom collins ( - 1999.02.21-00.08.52 ********

hello birger you did a very good job keep up the good work.and if you need any help rebel said he would help come get him asap haha

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******** Received from Riter ( - 1999.02.22-15.20.31 ********

Finally got here to sign it Keep up the work Cath you on ICQ Riter

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******** Received from Gudrun Rokne ( - 1999.02.23-19.39.14 ********

Hi brother.Nice page you have made. Kjekt at fleire slektninger har vore her og. T.o.m. Jorunn! Du er flink.

******** Received from Svein-Ivar Dregelid  - 1999.02.24-13.06.21 ********

Detta va heidundrande bra du Birger. Fyttikatta så flink du er. Ei av dei beste heimesidene eg har lagt mine augo oppum. Kan ikkje du måka snøen på framsida av butikken. DET ER EIN ORDRE!!!!!!

******** Received from Laila Fenne Strømsnes ( - 1999.02.25-21.53.29 ********

Hallo... Koseligt å få skrive i gjesteboka di.

******** Received from Jane Champion (Jchampion@InfoAve.Net) - 1999.02.26-17.28.10 ********

Hei Birger, Great updates to your homepage! I have an original copy of "Knute Rockne, All American" by Harry A. Stuhldreher. It is one of my most prized possessions and would be thrilled to send it back to Voss so it will have a good home. Let me know. You need to finish your story about your trip to the United States such as all the nice folks you met in North Carolina....just kidding. I was thrilled to meet you and our mutual distant cousins. Next time you need to make it to Banner Elk. You have an open invitation to stay with John and me!

******** Received from Josh Damjanovic ( - 1999.03.01-03.05.10 ********

I loved this web page. It helped me out greatfully with a book report for english. So thank you again.

******** Received from Mike Zagorski ( - 1999.03.09-03.23.36 ********

Great page!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Notre Dame fan since I was born in '85. I have bookmarked it and with your permission would like to put a link to it from my page Thanks, Mike Zagorski

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******** Received from Mike ( - 1999.03.12-05.08.16 ********

You have an incredible tribute to one of the greatest innovators, educators and coaches of this century. Very thorough! Feel free to check out my links page.

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******** Received from Robert Judge ( - 1999.03.14-06.15.49 ********

Take the train Rock. It's a bumpy ride up there tonight. Rockne and the Irish can never lose. The Irish never quit.

******** Received from Karen Jeglum Kennedy ( - 1999.03.21-00.26.23 ********

Hello; I find your home page very interesting. My grandmother came from Ulvund in Vossestrand in 1907 the daughter of Torstein and Ingebjorg Ulvund, and it was said that she was a distant relative of Knudt Rockne's. Do you have background information on his (your) ancestors that would verify that fact? I do have a picture of my great aunt with Anna Bjorgaas, who was a cousin of Knudt's. They are in Norwegian costume. Karen Kennedy

******** Received from Camilo A, Rueda ( - 1999.04.03-08.12.16 ********

i'm writing a paper for my management and leadership class. the subject: knute rockne, of course. i'm slowly learning what a great man he was. a role model and a hero in every sense of those words. go irish

******** Received from Doug Rockne ( - 1999.04.05-18.04.27 ********

I have a totally restored 1932 Rockne that took 10 years to complete. My grandfather, Ole, grew up in Voss before moving to America when he was a teenager (early 1900's), so he might have been related to Knute. Our name was spelled like your's before he changed it upon landing in New York City (or maybe it was changed for him by immagration authorities). Nice car, and nice web site.

******** Received from Deborah - 1999.04.08-02.02.23 ********

awe such a cute page. I love kasper. He is adorable. It's nice to have a pic with the words now. Thanks for sharing your life. I love people and i enjoy spending time chatting and making new friends. Love, `Debbieee

******** Received from Alexander Næss ( - 1999.04.13-15.56.08 ********

Jeg bor i Sverige og har en 32 Rockne,som er under restaurering.Din 33 Rockne var min fars bil for ca 25 år siden.Selv var jeg denn gang bare 8 år,men jeg husker vi dro på ferie Norge rundt med bilen.Har forsatt en del bilder fra den tiden der man kan se samme registreringsnr på Rocknen.Det er moro å se bilen igjen og vite att den har kommet i rette hender.For mig vekker det barndomsminner, og øker min inspirasjon for restaureing av min egen 32 Rockne.Med Vennlig Hilsen Alexander Næss

******** Received from Louise Simpson ( - 1999.04.16-12.06.10 ********

Just thought I'd return the favour! Thanks for all the help last night! Great site too.

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******** Received from Pamela ( - 1999.04.19-20.46.13 ********

Hey i am doin a report on Knute Rockne and i was wondering if you could send me some iformation on him. I don't know to much about him and i con't find a hole lot of stuff...could you plase help me out..i would really appreciate it thanks alot, i know most of his birth informationm and where he is from and like that he was the coach of Notre Dame and he made them famous..but anyways i am at school right now...were doing reports and i have knute i am trying to fine some stuff about him..thanks bye

******** Received from viv (vizz) ( - 1999.04.20-03.27.38 ********

I was asked to sign the book, as the one that introduced (kramer-) to channel #43. He has been a good friend. Come visit us anytime. Vizz

******** Received from janice and colin boots ( - 1999.04.20-23.28.31 ********

always a friend!!!!!!

******** Received from Geir Hjørnevik ( - 1999.04.24-21.07.49 ********

ja eg måtte nett skriva her når eg såg eit kjent fjes, sit i nordsjøen og lengtar heim..viss du vil kan du senda meg noe kult, eg trur e mail adr mi er rett?? kul sia du har forresten hadet bra...

******** Received from Rex Miltenberger ( - 1999.04.28-00.43.07 ********

Born and raised in the shadow of the golden dome.

******** Received from Ed Nixon ( - 1999.05.01-08.51.57 ********

Birger........I have written a short story of Shoeless Joe Jackson, the famous Chicago White Sox baseball player, the story is free for all who ask for it, the title is: INCIDENT AT COMISKEY. I wonder if Joe Jackson and Knute Rockne ever met? They were both in Chicago about the same time...........Ed Nixon

******** Received from telle - 1999.05.13-03.44.26 ********

see ya soon mate. :)

******** Received from Geir Guttormsen ( - 1999.05.20-20.31.04 ********

For en norsk amrikansk fotballelsker er det alltid kult å se at en nordmann lager en side om emnet. Bra at du hadde med Knute Rockne, ved siden av han er det bare Don Shula som kommer opp i samme klasse som Rockne. Dumt at Rockne aldri tok steget opp hos proffene, han kunne klart det like bra der tror jeg. Hilsen Geir Guttormsen

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******** Received from David Stoffel ( - 1999.05.22-07.38.56 ********

I had to pick a topic durring the 1920's for english class. I was flipping through a book and saw a picture of Knute in it. I had no real clue who he was but he looked like a stud a I desided to do my project on him. So far I have learned so much about him, It's amazing. I would have loved to see him coach at Notre Dame. It would have been a real rush. Thanks for all the usefull and unforgettable information, David Stoffel 12 grade

******** Received from Bernard X. doherty ( - 1999.06.08-09.21.43 ********

Thanks for all that information. Truly a tremendous coach. Notre Dame and the Fighting Irish!!! Fr Bernard X. Doherty S.M. Wellington New Zealand.

******** Received from tommy dobson ( - 1999.06.16-01.06.14 ********

hey have done a great job on your home was great to talk to you again..i hope your back gets better and your back to your old self once again soon...the car looks great and ill be looking for the book as soon as it gets out..and the best of luck with that as well..please take care and keep smiling..things will get better im sure...tommyD...

******** Received from Gerald Nelson ( - 1999.06.26-22.20.54 ********

Hilsen fra en Amerikansk fotbol trener i Wittenberg, Wisconsin. My wife and I spent last year in Norway living in Hamar and we visited Voss several times. Two of my great-grandparents came from Lærdal i Sogn. I was delighted to find your website. I attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and we were always told the story that Knute applied for the football job there before 1920, and they hired his cousin Sigrud Reque. I don't know if it is true, but it was a favorite story at Luther.

******** Received from Bob Jager ( - 1999.06.30-01.00.20 ********

Birger Rokne, My grandfather (Nels L. Jager, Born 17 May 1853) and my grandmother (Inga Lee, Born 1848) both came from Voss. My grandfather came oves to the states in 1869. The ship took him to Quebec, Canada. From Quebec he came by train to Chicago, Illinois. My grandfather died in 1945, my grandmother died in about 1921. I don't know if I still have relatives in Norway or not. I was told we were related to Knute Rokne but I don't know how. I guess all of us who had relatives from Voss would like to be related to Knute Rokne. I was born and raised in northern Illinois. I currently live in Missouri not far from St. Louis. Sincerely, Bob Jager

******** Received from Mark Mikel ( - 1999.07.02-06.22.56 ********

Thanks for a great web page on Coach Rockne.

******** Received from jeff dixon ( - 1999.07.05-23.12.42 ********

I live in australia and love NFL. saw the movie on TNT and wanted to check out the mans story. ta.

******** Received from Lori Careswell ( - 1999.07.09-05.19.12 ********

I am trying to locate a family tree for Knute Rockne. If you have any information which might help, I would appreciate it.

******** Received from Knute K. Rockne III ( - 1999.07.26-03.51.57 ********

Hello. This is a nice page. I am directly related to Knute Rockne. Was interesting to hear from someone who is related on the Norwegian side of my grandfather's family. Please write if you ever have time.

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******** Received from JOHN GELSON ( - 1999.08.22-05.36.08 ********


******** Received from Miriam Rykken ( - 1999.08.25-00.24.25 ********

Greetings, Birger. I enjoyed your web site. My family emigrated from Voss, Norway, and I am tracking down family history. I hope to visit Voss in the next few years, and will communicate again with you before travelling there from St. Paul, MN.

******** Received from J.D. Collins ( - 1999.08.26-14.18.21 ********

Hello from South Dakota USA! It was great meeting you while you were here visiting friends. Great Page! Thanks for your help locating history.

[Home page]

******** Received from Joseph Foury ( - 1999.08.30-01.01.36 ********

When I was a little boy I was with my dad in Wheeling , Wva at the wholesale produce company C.A Robrecht when we heard he was on the plane with Knute Rockne

******** Received from Jan Stensrud - 1999.08.30-17.41.46 ********

LFC all annen soccer sug. Men det er posetift det du lager om Knute K. Rockne.

******** Received from Tom McLaughlin ( - 1999.09.05-06.02.43 ********

I believe the new Offensive Coordinator for the Irish will do great things for this team, as well as years to come. He is a cunning thinker and strategist, as he demonstrated today against Michigan. Now, -- if Notre dame could only groom a powerful Fullback - they'd be a steam roller !!!

******** Received from Jonathan Rockne ( - 1999.09.09-06.15.31 ********

I found your site rather interesting. The genealogy is a little confusing, but I don't know the Norwegian side of the family very well. I think you emailed my sister not too long ago. She told me about your site. My father is Knute Rockne III and we live in Utah. I especially enjoyed your photograph of Voss. Beautiful country! I would love to visit some day.

******** Received from J. Brit mamoniw ( - 1999.09.17-20.56.15 ********

.I grew up in Lindas north of Bergen. My uncle and aunt, Alfred and Brita Holsen live at Voss. I used to ski there when I was a child.I found this web page through one of my customers in the USA my residence in Toronto, Canada. I am terribly homesick for Norway. If you care to send me some Vossa-dravle, it would make my day!Thank you for this web page, and the opportunity to get a glimpse of Voss. After more than twenty years in Canada, I am still a norwegian Citizen. Have a great day! Regards, Brit Mamoniw, Toronto, Canada My picture is on our web page at: Click on 'staff'.

******** Received from JANET SIMS (JSIMS@US.IBM.COM) - 1999.09.22-19.34.55 ********

My mom tells me we are related to Knute Rockne. I am going to show her your tree. My grandmother's name was Ida, and I saw an Ida listed.

******** Received from Roy Mahaney ( - 1999.10.03-01.43.40 ********

Hello. Great page on Knute! I never knew there was so much about this man I didn't know before. His coaching was beyond terrific from what my grandfather told me when he used to see them play.I've been a HUGE Notre Dame fan for as long as I can remember. And even though we're not doing good this season we'll pull out in a few. Once again. Great page.

******** Received from kristina ( - 1999.10.04-20.33.14 ********

Thanks for having a page on the greatest coach of college football.

******** Received from trygve - 1999.10.08-18.50.09 ********

Heisann dette var moro


******** Received from Chuck Wallace ( - 1999.10.21-23.08.45 ********

I really enjoyed visiting your pages. You did an excellent job of explaining truck driving in your country. The stories are first class also. I have driven truck in all 49 states and most of Canada. Your stories are easy to relate to. We too have cities that won't let us park and police that write tickets for overhours. A lot of towns are passing laws against the use of "jake brakes" (engine brakes that help slow the vehicle). It is helpful when coming off the mountains but the people complain of the noise. Anyway, Thank You.

******** Received from nick stanek - 1999.10.24-18.24.07 ********

Notre Dame rules

******** Received from Jenessee Taylor - 1999.10.28-18.19.31 ********

Waz up chubby i think your pretty cuite and if you were alive today i would want to come say hi love your freiend jenessee

******** Received from Andy Lang ( - 1999.10.29-09.03.40 ********

This site really helped me prepare for a speech for my college Public Speaking course. Thanks for helping me learn a little more about one of my idles.

******** Received from Stefan Englund ( - 1999.11.07-22.23.59 ********

hej,har en Rockne modell 75 1932,håller på med renovering men det drar ut på tiden,chassit klart,bor i värmland har svårt att få tag på delar och literatur bra jobb på både bil och hemsida hälsningar Stefan

******** Received from Mike ( - 1999.11.29-01.09.20 ********

What a great site !!! I have followed ND Football forever and read the "Blue & Gold" Newspaper. Thanks for putting this all together !!!!!!!!!!!!

******** Received from derek orr  - 1999.12.02-19.01.37 ********

hello i am doing a report on knute rokne he seems verry intresting oh do you know any address of the alive players? because i want to bring one of them to my class if you do i live in ketchikan alaska. pleas tell me address 723 harris st 99901 ketchikan, AK

******** Received from JIMMY COX (JIMMYZ@AOL.COM) - 1999.12.02-20.58.46 ********

We had to look this guy up for a history speech. We got a lot of information from your site. I wish to talk to soon, and I hope you can email me back. maybe we can do lunch or something. I think youre so cute, i want your tool.

******** Received from John Sturos ( - 1999.12.05-21.51.31 ********

I enjoyed reading about Knute Rockne. I am very interested in Knute, Notre Dame, and George Gipp. I grew up and still live in Laurium, Michigan, the same town that George Gipp grew up in. I find it interesting that, with a few clicks of the mouse I can read up on Gipp and Knute. Thans for letting the world get information about the years that Knute Rockne coached at Notre Dame.

******** Received from Stephany Ball ( - 1999.12.07-16.26.45 ********

I'm really glad that Knute immigrated over here b/c we wouldn't have the same football game like we do today. I love the game of football and if only more girls will play, it would be awesome. Thanks again for having this website! Stephany

******** Received from Pam Uptmor ( - 1999.12.07-23.26.35 ********

What a great site. I was looking for information on Knute Rockne for a speech my son has to do in school. I had no idea Knute Rockne was such an incredible man. You should be proud to have him for a relative!

******** Received from Jorunn Kveim Låte ( - 1999.12.15-17.22.26 ********

GOD JUL gamle ørn. kanskje vi sees i romjula. Hilsen Kusine Jorunn.

******** Received from Gudrun Jonsdotter Låte ( - 1999.12.15-17.32.04 ********

Hei Birger Jeg fant troll-bildet på hjemmesiden din og puttet det som wallpaper på fars PC. Det ble fint. God jul og godt nytt år! Hilsen Gudrun Låte.

******** Received from Kjersti Nyhagen ( - 1999.12.23-18.07.53 ********

Fin hjemmeside du har..fint bilde av deg :) God jul og et godt nytt år :) *juleklem*

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******** Received from brad duellman ( - 1999.12.24-02.07.57 ********

I like the information on the Rockne Studebaker, I was wondering if you know how many of each where built and how many are still around, i am looking for one to purhase. I would like any other pictures of the Rochne auto if you have them. thank you merry christmass brad

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******** Received from Olav Lokkebø ( - 1999.12.26-19.03.30 ********

Kvifor har du ingen sex-bilder på sida di, det ville piffa litt opp. Kanskje ei naken dame på panseret til Rokne bilen, he-he.

******** Received from Perry Jones ( - 1999.12.27-20.08.41 ********

I sent a message already but I rewrite it here again. Basically I need the words to the famous half-time speech given by Knute Rockne "Win one for the Gipper". I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanx Perry

******** Received from Geir Hjørnevik ( - 2000.01.04-17.29.57 ********

Halloen ja,, snakka med deg i butikken i dag,,,,,, joda sida er kul den.... og så jæ.. stoooor, blir jo værande her i times vis viss eg skal gå igjennom alt stoffet du har lagt ut..... Bok og greier..... impressing!!!!!!!!! GODT NYTT ÅR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

******** Received from Raven Gengler - 2000.01.04-19.37.52 ********

It's nice to see how much you cared about Knute. I have done an immense amount of research on him, so I truly feel that he was an exceptional man and you are as well for constructing this sight in his loving memory.

******** Received from Knut Lande ( - 2000.01.11-21.28.39 ********

Hei Birger !! Bra side du har, fine historier. Jeg har en del historier på lager, men de egner seg kanje ikke på trykk... Jeg har også en ny side, den finner du her : Må jo prøve å være litt kreativ, ettersom jeg måtte slutte med kjøringa Hilsen Knut (som ikke bor i Hgsd lenger)

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******** Received from Will ( - 2000.01.18-17.47.00 ********

Great website, it helped me a lot for my project on Knute Rockne. I got a lot of useful information from your website.

******** Received from Kathleen A. Rockne ( - 2000.01.18-20.11.48 ********

Hi Birger!!! Greetings from your Idaho cousins!!!

******** Received from Adam Fisher ( - 2000.01.26-23.05.20 ********

Thanks for the infor on Knute Rockne. I have a project due in 2 days about him and I've had it for 4 weeks. I just decided to do it now.

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******** Received from Sveinung og Synnøve - 2000.02.06-21.57.10 ********

Vi venter på deg til du kommer.

******** Received from jim (jimbojohnny) - 2000.02.09-22.12.43 ********

go irish

******** Received from siri ( - 2000.02.25-23.57.30 ********

hei birger. du er grei som hjelper meg. din mor. gildt å ha funnet din gjeste side.

******** Received from Corey Groh ( - 2000.02.26-02.10.20 ********

Hi, My name is Corey and I am in 4th grade. I was given an assignment to do a biographical report on someone famous. I chose Knute Rockne. I didn't know anything about him, but now I do. I really enjoyed the biography I read. I like football, so we had something in common. Corey

******** Received from Øystein Sunde ( - 2000.02.28-11.53.36 ********

Kuu-uul side !!!! Lenge siden jeg har vært på Voss

******** Received from Herbert Mapes ( - 2000.03.01-01.44.28 ********

Great web page. I've always loved everything Notre Dame, and its nice seeing this page of this great coach.

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******** Received from Bob Dorais ( - 2000.03.03-22.05.57 ********

Hi, Great web page!!! I am the grandson of Knute's college roomate, team mate and friend, Gus Dorais. I have just started a web page for Gus which I hope turns out as well as yours. I am also in the middle of writing a biography on Gus which I hope to have done this year. Just wanted to say hi to you and all the Notre Dame fans from the Dorais family. Regards, Bob Dorais

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******** Received from Heidi Jensen Phillips ( - 2000.03.07-13.26.35 ********

Looking for e-mail for Bodil Borge , found your page in stead. Love it, lived my childhood in Bulken.

******** Received from Tim Duncan ( - 2000.03.19-19.19.08 ********

Great site. I'm writting a paper for an eight grade class and was able to gain a great deal of information from your site. Thank You, Tim Duncan

******** Received from Corban Rogers ( - 2000.03.26-20.33.25 ********

I'm doing a project in school on Knute Rockne and I'm looking for some info

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Great site, it's helping me with a school project.

******** Received from Mike Seis ( - 2000.04.05-01.09.22 ********

What a great page! I've always been an ND and Rockne fan (my sons full name is Michael Joseph Knute Seis). I found your page while trying to help my son with a report on Rockne. Last summer I was lucky enough to get to attend Notre Dame as a summer student, I could feel the presence of so many great individuals from years past. Keep up the wonderful work. Mike

******** Received from Knute Foss ( - 2000.04.05-16.14.41 ********

I'm just looking up the history of the other Knute(s)

******** Received from Jeremy King (jking018@aol) - 2000.04.09-22.33.25 ********

Thanx for helping me on my speech

******** Received from John Enright ( - 2000.04.10-20.32.02 ********

Knute Rockne was and still is the best coach ever to coach for a football team. I wish NotreDame could find some more talent like they did back then!!!!

******** Received from John Walker T^Warrior ( - 2000.04.11-01.57.14 ********

Knute Rockne all American... ND couldn't have done it without him. Great page!!!

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Nå begynner du å virkelig imponere meg! Endelig har jeg fått gått igjennom alle sidene dine(tror jeg), og det er BRA.Den siste siden du har laget med søkeboks og svar var "impressing"! Når jeg først skryter av deg; Takk for all hjelp jeg har fått av deg!

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******** Received from Kevin's Mom ( - 2000.04.18-02.10.41 ********

I am Kevin O'Brien's mother here in the USA. Kevin sent out your home page to me. I especially like your dog's page and his pictures. I have 2 maltese dogs and 1 Parrotlet.

******** Received from Arne Overen ( - 2000.04.28-22.48.32 ********

HALLO "Cowboy"! Sender deg en hilsen fra Oppakermoen på Nes. Hilde har linket siden din fra min, håper det ikke gjør noe. Har en forkjærlighet for lastebiler siden jeg var liten, så jeg ba Hilde Haug bestille boka di, og den gleder jeg meg til å lese. I følge Hilde er den "megabra". GOD SOMMER!!!!!!!!! Hilsen fra Arne Overen.

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Dear Birger glad to be signing your guestbook.Good luck in all your endeavours!! Friend Bob I sent you a picture one time(with my wife) can you put that on the Home Page ? Bob

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ja no er eg nummer 10100 !!!!!!!!!

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Hey man nice job on the page, I believe its the best site on Knute Rokne that I have seen. I think It would be pretty to on ur A-Z page that u should have "Accomplishments" on him but thats just an idea keep up this good work!!

******** Received from Dawn Rezndes ( - 2000.05.12-05.00.49 ********

Thanks for the info, my son is doing a report on Knute for his 9th grade class. The info I found is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

******** Received from Tanja ( - 2000.05.12-14.08.15 ********

3 students from Austria,Europe need your help! We´re soon doing a class presentation on American football and in addition to general information we´d like to use some fans´comments.We´d be thankful if you could tell us what you like so much about football,if you think that it is an important part of US culture and why,...A few lines will do,every help is appreciated!Please send your thoughts and opinions(plus your age and place of residence) to

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GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

******** Received from john turk ( - 2000.05.17-03.10.12 ********

this site is sweet. i hope u don't mind that i added it to my page.i am a big notre dame fan and knute is my fav. legeng from the skool.

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Roknes Truckstop..

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******** Received from Birger Rokne ( 2000.05.20-20.22.16 ********

The unofficial Homepage of Knute K.Rockne..

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Hei Vennen! Kjempeglad i deg, savner deg! Håper du ringer til meg snart. Synes internett sidene dine er fine, skal prøve å få skrivd ut alle! MM Jakter etter bilder av deg da vettu vennen ;-) Kyss,kos og klem fra Nina (Jenta di)

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Great web site, was nice to see !!!

******** Received from Hilde ( - 2000.06.13-06.44.56 ********

Hei igjen. Nå sitter jeg og er SÅ fornærma på deg! Jeg som venta med kaffen hele helga!!! Vi får vel ta det igjen siden engang?

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******** Received from Amy Treder Kelliher '88 ( - 2000.06.14-22.48.35 ********

My love for Notre Dame is second only to my love for my family.

******** Received from Adam Nitchoff ( - 2000.06.19-00.02.10 ********

Hi! I am the ower of a 1932 Rockne Coupe - 4 passenger. I would love any and all information pertaining to this car or Rockne's connection to it! Thanks for the great web page. Adam Nitchoff Broomfield, CO

******** Received from Per-Ole Tysland - 2000.06.19-23.22.22 ********

Hei Birger, Det er trivelig å se at du synes ute i verden! Jeg har endelig kommet på internett i forbindelse med jobben. Send gjerne noen ord når det passer til Hilsen Per-Ole

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All the information in these pages are marvelous, vary informant and interesting. thank you for having them. john robinson 6-19-00

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En hilsen fra en gammel trøtt Trucker Old Devil trucking Westcoast Norway. Arne`s

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