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******** Received from Daniel Rockne ( - 2000.06.12-04.59.43 ********

Great web site, was nice to see !!!

******** Received from Hilde ( - 2000.06.13-06.44.56 ********

Hei igjen. Nå sitter jeg og er SÅ fornærma på deg! Jeg som venta med kaffen hele helga!!! Vi får vel ta det igjen siden engang?

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******** Received from Amy Treder Kelliher '88 ( - 2000.06.14-22.48.35 ********

My love for Notre Dame is second only to my love for my family.

******** Received from Adam Nitchoff ( - 2000.06.19-00.02.10 ********

Hi! I am the ower of a 1932 Rockne Coupe - 4 passenger. I would love any and all information pertaining to this car or Rockne's connection to it! Thanks for the great web page. Adam Nitchoff Broomfield, CO

******** Received from Per-Ole Tysland - 2000.06.19-23.22.22 ********

Hei Birger, Det er trivelig å se at du synes ute i verden! Jeg har endelig kommet på internett i forbindelse med jobben. Send gjerne noen ord når det passer til Hilsen Per-Ole

******** Received from john robinson ( - 2000.06.20-07.26.26 ********

All the information in these pages are marvelous, vary informant and interesting. thank you for having them. john robinson 6-19-00

******** Received from Arne ( - 2000.07.02-09.55.43 ********

En hilsen fra en gammel trøtt Trucker Old Devil trucking Westcoast Norway. Arne`s

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******** Received from David Storøy ( - 2000.7.15-12.48.16 ********

For alle Seinfeld fans der ute så må det vel være et must å signere under på kampanjen - SEINFELD ON DVD!!!!På hjemmesiden:
Og gi denne urlen til venner og kjente - og at du vil sette opp BANNER(den er ikke helt klar enda men vil komme) eller link til denne siden. Og så kan du følge med
på nyheter som kommer på denne siden fortløpende i fremtiden som kommer og forhåpentligvis vil det være tusenvis som skriver under slik at vi skal "presse"
Columbia Tristar til å lage DVD av hele Seinfeld - alle sesongene og kanskje litt til(deleted scenes,mislykkede scener som ikke ble tatt med osv). Og også
forhåpentligvis å sende et personlig brev om dette m/alle signeringer til Jerry Seinfeld himself! Takker!!!!!


******** Received from Karen (Kaciva@Aol.Com) - 2000.7.17-13.13.52 ********

Thank you for visiting my web page and signing my guest book. I wanted to return the favor and visit yours. I really enjoyed my visit. You have a great site and I will
come back often.


******** Received from Rockne H. Johnson ( - 2000.08.09-04.14.38 ********

Hej Birger! I thought that I was already in your guest book but I can't find the entry. I will bet that I was the first person to receive "Rockne" as a first name. My dad played football with him on the neghborhood teams in Chicago in the early years of the past century. I was born 20 January 1930 and Dad wrote to Knute Rockne about it. Rockne wrote back from Florida. I have a copy of the letter buried somewhere but I haven't seen it later. I know that there are about three other Rockne Johnsons in the USA but with different middle initials. In 1975 I discovered an active submarine vocano in the region of Samoa and named it Rockne Volcano. Now some busybodies are trying to find a new name for it as "Rockne" is regarded as "culturally insensitive". It's a funny thing because I had previously (1969) discovered and active submarine volcano in the Austral Islands region and called it "Macdonald Volcano" after a well known volcanologist. No one blinked at that! Rock

******** Received from Gerald E. Craker ( - 2000.08.16-00.27.42 ********

Gerald E. Craker Sr. looking for relatives in the Craker family. 2 or 3 brothers came from England. One named Francis, One Joseph, 3rd ?. Francis was my great grandfather. He had several sons. One, my father was George Craker. He had 12 children. E-mail me at if you have any information of George Harold Craker or Ward Ernest Craker. They were both ball players for the sandbox leagues, Pittsburg PA (Pittsburg Pirates today)

******** Received from Thomas Rokne Brunborg ( - 2000.09.27-08.45.20 ********

Hello! I am about to do a written work about Knute Rockne.Your page is giving me a lot of information.But I want to find out if he was a relantive of mine.My grandfather( his name is Knut Rokne) has told me that he is related to Knute.My grandfathers fathers name was Anders Rokne.Can you help me, try to find out what sort of relantive my grandfather is to Knute. I forgot to say- I am from Norway. I hope you will mail me soon.

******** Received from Espen Sulen ( - 2000.09.27-13.52.14 ********

Flotte sider Birger,her var det mye intressant stoff.

******** Received from christopher Knute Kochendorfer - 2000.09.27-19.20.14 ********

My name is Christopher Knute Kochendorfer. I live in Glenpool Oklahoma. I am the Great Grandson of KnuteRockne. I have been on this site before and everything looks good. Thank you for remebering Knute Rockne.

******** Received from Gerald L. Church ( - 2000.09.28-21.50.54 ********

******** Received from Simon - 2000.10.03-06.22.19 ********

I saw the tribute film to Knute Rockne and was impressed. He was obviously a great man. You must be very proud to be related to him.

******** Received from Andy Kocsis ( - 2000.10.05-22.51.44 ********

******** Received from Billy Willis ( - 2000.10.09-02.23.58 ********

hey thanks for giving all this information. i am a huge notre dame fan and im in highschool now. i am doing a report on a famouse person in the 1920's and i chose knute. and this site is helping me out tremendously. i need two pages and have 4 and im not done yet. so thank you for devoting a lot of time it must have taken to keep this up. your doing or did a great job. it is quit an honor to know all this first hand information and for me to know that i can get this information from a trustful source. thank you Billy

******** Received from Wayne Rockne ( - 2000.10.14-09.12.56 ********

Hi Birger You were referred to me by your cousin, Cato Rockne-Meyer.I am another Rockne(rokne) who had a great grandfather that came from VOSS to USA. Your have a nice web page and was very informative. It looks like my family tree goes back to VOSS before Knute. Would you give me the name and date of birth of your grandfather and great grandfather and who they married I have traced my back to VOSS and am missing a link back to my Great Great grandfather. I saw you comment of you relationship to Knute and just thought I would ask. Maybe you and I are related also. My age is 58 so I am probably closer to your fathers age then you. Below is a quick outline of my link back to Norway. *Knute Rokne 1792-1855 (my Great, Great Grandfather) Married Brita Helgeson 1816 (died 1874) Children(nine) Anna, born 1820 Anna , born 1821 in RIO, came to U.S. in 1850 Gulleik ,born 1830 in RIO, came to U.S. in 1854 Inga ,born 1817 in OLDE, came to U.S. in 1856 Dordei, born 1824 in VOSSEVANGEN, came to U.S. in 1856 Erick ,born 1816 in RIO, remained in Norway Baard(banney) ,born 1839 Brita, born 1832 in RIO *Bryngel K. ,born in 1833 in RIO( My Great Grand father) (came to U.S. in 1853 married Inger Johnson Children Knud 1862-1906 Martha 1864 Britha 1866-1902 Jonannas 1871-1910 Anna 1874-1902 Erik 1876 Anders 1878(to us in 1907)? Emma 1883 *Lars B. Rokne(Rockne) 1868-1955( my Grandfather) Married 1893 Regina Hanson 1872-1947(daughter of Ole Hanson of Voss) Children Inez 1895 Obert 1897-1983 Neva 1910-1956 Lloyd 1903-1981 Kert 1903 *Elmer Rockne 1899-1976 My dad was Elmer The Rokne Family home is still standing in Norway White with Green trim , porch over front door and second floor balcony with roof --------------------------------- Thank you for any help you might want to give me. Regards

******** Received from ELVIS ~ ROCKER ( - 2000.10.20-00.48.48 ********

HELLO, I'm a big Elvis fan & I saw your site, Very nice. I am from Charlotte,NC [ USA ] but have lived in Elvis Land Memphis,TN since 1986 & was at one time a security guard at " Graceland " Please check out my personal Tribute to Elvis and sign my guest book as well.......... THANK YOU & TAKE CARE, ELVIS ~ ROCKER,

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******** Received from Andrew Whittle ( - 2000.10.24-16.59.05 ********

Knute Rockne was the all time greatest coch. There is no argument to this fact.

******** Received from Shaggy 2 dope ( - 2000.11.01-17.27.18 ********

******** Received from Vince Brown ( - 2000.11.02-18.52.38 ********

I have heard that early in his career at Notre Dame, Rockne as an assistant coach had an opportunity to become head football coach at the University of Kansas. True or false? If true, what are the details? Thank you.

******** Received from Lauren Boccella ( - 2000.11.03-16.48.06 ********

GO IRISH!!!!!!