Birger Rokne's old guestbook 4.

Name: Erland Egefors (
Dato: 2005-10-17 11:27:40

Jeg er interesseret i Rockne eller Rokne, fordi jeg arbejder på en bog om den danske virksomhed De forenede Automobilfabriker A/S, der fremstillede Triangel busser og lastbiler samt importerede Austin, Fiat og Studebaker. Den første model fra Studebaker var Rockne, så derfor måtte jeg finde ud af, hvem han var. Jeg kender intet til amerikansk fodbold eller rugby, som vi kalder det, så derfor var jeg helt blank. Venlig hilsen Erland Egefors

Name: Doug Barber (
Dato: 2005-10-02 00:49:42

What a delight to me, as an American fan of American college football and also as an amateur family historian and genealogist, to discover so much information about Knute Rockne here on the web, posted by a relative who lives in Norway (which I visited briefly in 1973 and have held in high esteem ever since). Thanks for the great work, making the web ever more interesting and informative!


Name: Jan Washington
City: Beckley, West Virginia
Sent: 28/07 03:08

What an inspiration Knute Rockne is! I think every young man who enters college football and every football coach should read everything there is to read about Knute. I think he would light a fire under all of them and increase their love of the game.

Name: Edward F Kovach Jr
City: Harrisburg Pa
Sent: 19/07 01:35

My 2 sons and I have been ND fans all our lives. We try to get to South Bend as much as we can. All the games we attended were memories to remember. The best? The Snow Bowl of 92 with Penn State......

Name: Shannon Taylor
City: Austin, Texas
Sent: 07/07 20:18

My grandmother was Edith Goertz, the little girl that voted to name our hometown after the man her father, my great-grandfather, admired so much (Rockne, Texas). You have no idea how proud I was to see her name on your website! Thank you for including her in the story!

Name: Debbie Montroy
City: Terre haute ,In
Sent: 10/05 18:32

just doing some looking into family name and came across this page because of Jack Montroy

Name: Luc
Sent: 18/04 01:16

Keep it up :)

Name: Traveler
City: Eburg
Sent: 08/04 05:55

The information about the Studebackers really threw me. My Grandfather, E.V. Molle graduated and taught at Notre Dame

Name: Pablo
City: Eburg
Sent: 06/04 12:25


Name: andrew
Sent: 18/03 04:26

Thank you for all the info. It has helped with a speach i had to do. I have found so much infomation in this site. God bless and GO Irish!!

Name: Matthew Stiles
City: Chicago
Sent: 08/03 07:47

I just wanted to say hi. My name is Matthew Stiles and I to am related to Knute. He is my great, great uncle. My great grandfather married one of his sisters. We have a telegram from Knute to my Great grandmother congratulating her on the birth of her twin sons Walter and Harry. My uncle also has an old family photo of Knute autographed of which I have a copy. On March 19 at the college football HOF they are going to unveil a Knute Rockne statue if front of the building. Many of Knutes relatives will be there. I don't know any of them but I'm going to try to attend myself. Just thought I would let you. Matthew Stiles

Name: Joe Shaffer
City: Clarksburg, West Virginia
Sent: 01/03 18:26

I remember meeting your mother when I was a young boy. She had met my uncle, Martin Shaffer, somewhere and she visited at my grandparents house in Clarksburg, West Virginia for awhile. I remember being in awe that she was the grandaughter of the famous Knute Rockne. Ask you mom if she remembers that. I was just researching the internet on your great-grandfather's career and saw your web page. Best regards. Joe Shaffer

City: South Bend
Sent: 02/02 02:56

Getting ready for the release of the Ronald Reagan stamp next week. Since it is supposed to be a "national release" I will be at the (new) Notre Dame post office getting postmarks. Planning to do something joint with the new Reagan stamp and the 22-cent Knute Rockne stamp..... Cheers !

Name: Ellen Skramstad
City: Minnesota
Sent: 02/10 19:13

The information about the Studebackers really threw me. My Grandfather, E.V. Molle graduated and taught at Notre Dame and was a friend to Knute Rockne. Apparently they both worked at a summer camp together and since my Grandfather was a semi-professional baseball player, both worked on the forward pass during their leisure time. (From Rockne correspondence to my Grandfather). What interested me about the Studebackers was the fact my Grandmother was working for the Studebackers when she met my Grandfather. Interesting how so many pieces fit together....

Name: Albert
City: AK
Sent: 02/10 06:46

Great site! You are an example for all of us to follow!

Name: s
Sent: 02/08 08:45

Voss also have the Norwegian National team Kicker the last 3 years. So we can say fotball have come home.

Name: Terje
City: Haugesund
Sent: 21/07 09:44

Veldig interessant hjemmeside :)

Name: Dan McNamara
Sent: 26/06 09:57

Great Site!

I have a copy of the panoramic photo that Big Dutch took of the 1914 team. Would you by chance have a list of players who show up in this picture?

Name: John Eklund
City: Kingston/Jamaica
Sent: 18/06 18:40

Din hemsida är stimulerande, intressant, informativ och välskriven. Bra gjort!
Jag råkade se filmen " -All American" med Ronald Reagan. Filmen och Roknes liv är fashinerande. Men ibland kallas Rockne för "svensken"?

Name: Alanis
Sent: 27/05 16:38

I love your site!

Sent: 21/05 14:37


Name: jayne
Sent: 04/05 19:32

do u have any other pictures of knute rocknes family or do u have any more info if u do that whould be great if u could send to me becouse i em doing a biography on him and i just can't find anywhere about his family or children
p.s. your webpage has really gave me great info on what he is about thanks

City: NEWARK, OHIO 43055
Sent: 02/05 03:34


Name: Brian Schoenle
City: Corona del Mar, California, USA
Sent: 27/04 01:19

My daughter Gudren is named after Gudrun Rockne (maiden name unknown) from Konsvinger who was married to Herbert rockne of Voss. They immigrated to the US (Mayville, North Dakota)and were married there. Reportedly Herbert Rockne was a cousin to Knut Rockne. Anyone with any information would be appreciated. My daughter's maternal family tree names are Rockne, then Rockne & Mjogdalen, then Mjodgdalen & Stavedahl, and finally Stavedahl & Schoenle. As she lost her mother at a young age, I would like to keep her norwegian heritage alive. Thanks in advance.

Name: mugu
City: aba
Sent: 24/02 19:24

great site mgbada

Name: Nikki
City: CA
Sent: 12/02 01:00

Great site! I will tell all of my friends :).

Name: Rick Sullivan
City: New York - NY / USA
Sent: 10/02 22:28

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If you have time visit us ! by the way, can you add a link to my site in you site ? see you later. :e

City: Paraguay Asuncion
Sent: 01/12 09:05

Hello from south of america . Paraguay. I just visited your excelant homepage. Very good work . TRAVEL PARAGUAY photos

Name: Tara
City: Holcomb
Sent: 19/11 13:21

hey doing a immigrant report on Knute Rockne at school. got bored thought i'd leave a message! hey

Name: Travis M Pigott
City: Seattle
Sent: 18/11 18:22

My great Uncle has some great knute stories you can see alot of them at this

Name: James Quigley
City: Melbourne Australia.
Sent: 14/11 23:18

Your site is a great tribute to Knute.Have visited South Bend & Notre Dame a few times.Have the original contract signed by Knute with the Studebaker Corporation just days before he died to be their Sales Promotion Manager.Jim Quigley - Melbourne,Australia.

Name: Patti Hughes
City: Miles city, mt
Sent: 11/10 16:10

Hi, my family is also related to Knut Rockne, and my daughter has his grandson for a teacher here in salt lake city, where we live now, but I wanted to let you know my cousin David Laird lives in Ephrata, wa, he is a fourth grade teacher there. Patti Hughes I will look up or call my aun Jen in St. Louis, mo she does all the geneology stuff.

Name: samantha rockne
City: moses lake,WA
Sent: 19/08 18:57

i'm related to knute rockne. We have inportent informason and photo's pleas give me a call or e-mail me asap at or i have the picter of all the rockne men.

Name: Anna Mickelsen
City: Salt Lake City, UT
Sent: 16/07 14:39

I very much like your family tree, which I found by searching for some family names. Let me know if you ever want more information on the Martha Rockne descendants.

Name: Espen Olsbø
City: Oslo, Norway
Sent: 24/06 08:00

Great page!!!
I think his real name was Knut, not Knute!
Knut is a typical norwegian name!
Keep up the good work!

Name: Rich Smithhy
Sent: 18/06 01:40

Just surfed by and thought I would say Hi from Chesterville.

Name: Jeremy Collins
City: St. Michaels
Sent: 31/05 20:11

Hey Birger, This is Jeremy, Toms son, from St.Michaels USA, I have a few questions about a few Norwegian bands you probably have heard of before. If you do see this, my AIM SN is: JeremyC Owns You. Or you can contact me Via-Email.

Name: Joy Rockne
City: Washington USA
Sent: 17/03 22:41

I am 3rd cousin to the great Coach Knute Rockne. I'm trying to locate someone who can help me research my family history back to Voss where my grandfather was born. He was born March 26, 1888. I know his name was Knute or Knut and he left Voss, Norway when he was 17 years old. He hid on a ship to come too the USA. My grandfather died in 1920 just before my dad was born.
I really enjoy reading your website. If anyone can help me with my research please contact me at my email address. I hope we can connect up as I would love to hear from relatives in Norway.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Joy Rockne

Name: Joey Maniscalco
City: Santee, CA
Sent: 13/03 20:59

this is a great site i would love to recieve e-mails on whats new in the site thank you
Joey Maniscalco

Name: William Wheeler
City: McHenry
Sent: 10/03 15:25

Hey man, thanx for showin my great great uncle off. He really was a great man, his autographed football still sits glassed in my granmas place. He really was somethin else, i always wished he was my coach. Much Respect ~ Bill

Name: Sandy Harper Rumsey
City: Kansas
Sent: 27/02 19:46

I am the granddaughter of Jesse Harper, Rockne's coach and friend. Through the years I have heard many stories of my Grandfather and "Rock" Upon the death of "Rock" in Kansas, my grandfather returned to Notre Dame as Athletic Director as he was familiar with the plans that Rock had planned. Jesse Harper passed away at his ranch in Kansas in July 1965. In 1959, Notre Dame honored Jesse Harper. I enjoyed the website.

Name: Jenna
City: KS
Sent: 16/02 22:25

Wow! Nice site. Just wanted to say hello from Kansas:) See How I make a living!

Name: Brian Petrie
City: Edmond, Oklahoma
Sent: 19/12 12:58

Great Site! I have visited the site several times and never get tired of reading about Knute Rockne. I was wondering if anyone out there new how to get a hold of old pictures of Notre Dame Football. Rockne, Four horsemen, Games, ANYTHING! All I find are poor scans or $30 black and whites. Anyhelp would be great. GO NOTRE DAME!

Name: Mike
Sent: 28/07 15:13

This is a very well done site. Thank you

Name: Jack R. Saylor
City: South Bend, IN
Sent: 15/06 15:13

I just discovered your Knute Rockne WebSite today and
I think it one of the best that I have the pleasure of
visiting. It is a fitting tribute to the man and what
he stood for and you are to be commended!

I visit the Notre Dame campus quite often since my oldest son, John Saylor, runs the Rolfs Aquatic Center.

During the early 1950's I worked with Jack Rockne at Bendix Aviation Corporation. We were both Engineering Technicians. Do you know if Jack is still living?
I retired from Bendix (AlliedSignal) in 1989 after 41 years of service.

Jack R. Saylor

Name: Rachel
City: South Bend, Indiana
Sent: 29/05 04:55

Your site has helped me quite tremendously. I am writing an oral presentation on Knute Rockne, and this is one of the best resources I could find. Notre Dame is very dear to my heart, after all I grew up with Rock's youngest son, Jack Rockne. He is very dear to my heart. Thank you for your help!

Name: Kristy
City: Santa Cruz, California
Sent: 28/05 14:44

I coach freshman boys basketball and was looking for some imspirational things to tell my boys. Thanks- I learned all kinds of interesting facts about Mr. Rockne. :)

Name: jess
City: scottsbluff nebraska
Sent: 11/05 21:15

i found your pages very helpful on my reports.
thank you

Sent: 25/04 18:14


Name: Robert C Stiles
City: Nevada,Oh..USA
Sent: 15/04 20:55

Birger: Nice to hear your voice & congrads on a great site. How's our family in Voss;your family in the U.S. is doing well. Davina,Kallan(now6yr.old),Lena(now4yr.old)&I send our love to all our friends in Norway
P.S. a little Voss history Lena's name came from your town cemetary & if you do the math you'll see why I call her my "lil voss girl"

Name: Kelly
Sent: 07/04 19:05

Great site. Love your page on Kasper. He is adorable.

Name: Amber Rockne
City: Boise, Idaho
Sent: 02/04 18:01

I my self am related to Knute Rockne. My grandfather, Kenneth Knutesn Rockne is Knute Rockne's second cousin, that is if i remember right. It is interesting to find out about Knute Rockne, thank you for this information. I am always searching for new information about my family since I don't know very much. It is great site you have here..thank you for the information.

Name: Laura
City: Randolph, MA USA - now NZ
Sent: 14/03 00:57

Hi, My mom's maiden name was Rockne - and I've been told we're somehow related to Knute, but no one can tell me how. My grandfather's name was Elmer Merney (not sure of the spelling) Rockne (born around 1899, but I don't know where) ... and I'm told his parents emigrated to the US from Norway. That's about all I know - I was hoping you might be able to fill in some gaps. Thanks!

Name: Matt Law
City: Niskayuna, NY
Sent: 21/02 15:20

Hi. My great-uncle, John Law, played for Knute Rockne.He was the captain of the team, but I forget what position he played. Anyway, I am doing a research paper on Rockne and so far this is the best site. Thanks!

Name: John Walker
City: Chicago Heights, IL. USA
Sent: 09/02 10:30

Great page! Notre Dame has always been my favorite college football team. Knute was a great coach and human being.

Name: John Brill
City: LA CA, USA
Sent: 08/01 19:48

My fatehr, Marty, played under Knute in '29 and '30 and told me what a great man Rockne was. I have some old photos of the '29 and '30 backline with Rockne in a scrapbook. Must have been one hell of a man.
Great Website

Name: Bob Pitcavage
City: Gloversville, new york
Sent: 23/12 09:02

enjoyed visiting your page.Thanks a lot for your effort.

Name: Bill Fornaro
City: Islip, NY
Sent: 11/12 19:41

Knute Rockne is still an inspiring man. I enjoyed reading his quotations. I would have loved to have played for him.

Name: Aagot Rokne
City: Bergen
Sent: 24/11 16:44

Hei igjen

Du burde få inn bilde av Natasha/Fru Stanzi og Lars, i og med at det var kusinen hans og er fetteren hans. Kasper altså. Eg har jo og bilde av Shiva... Skal sende deg ein mail eg.

Kos Aagot

Name: S J Ritchie, III
Sent: 13/11 14:01

Thanks for doing this.

Name: Sean
City: Kansas City
Sent: 11/11 19:28

Great site. Go Irish!

Name: Gro kusine
City: Trondheim
Sent: 13/10 16:25


Name: phil bertoni
City: Mount Pulaski, Illinois
Sent: 29/09 13:30

My father often told me that he was really impressed by a string of Dupont lemos with gold etching on their sides motoring into Notre Dame one Spring morning in 1931. Dupont was in the process of purchasing the synthetic rubber tire formula from Notre Dame, worked on by Fr. Newland and his assistant, Knute Rockne.

Name: Al Knute Oberst
City: Cleveland Ht.,ohio
Sent: 10/09 22:20

Hi Marty;
Thanks for the web. My father was a tackle from 1920-1923. He was the biggest player at ND.
And, very close to Knute. Took care of his son when he was sick. Named me after him. Like to consider myself a son of a mule... thank!Knute

Name: Marty Brill
City: Hacienda Heights CA.
Sent: 07/09 21:30

Thanks for keeping the memory of Rockne and his teams alive.

Name: Lisa Wilson
City: Akron, Ohio
Sent: 05/09 00:24

Thanks for visiting my site! You have a nice web home and a beautiful cocker.

Name: Mike Pacholski
City: Woodridge,IL, 60517
Sent: 03/09 22:58

Hi there
I have to Thank you for your page. I watched the movie Knute Rockne All American on ESPN Classic and I jumped down here on the box and decided to read about Knute Rockne. Your page and time that you took are more than worth it. It was helpfull for me to read what you have.
again a very good job and Thank You
Mike Pacholski

Name: Tom Pepke
City: Munhall, PA
Sent: 27/07 02:24

A wonderful web page devouted to a truly outstanding man and coach.

Name: Tim
City: Fairport, NY
Sent: 24/07 22:11

Great Site on Knute Rockne. I graduated from Notre Dame and have absorbed much Rockne lore and history. I too am interested in genealogy. My grandfather and grandmother came to the U.S. from Norway in 1901. Grandfather was named Monson. He was from Vikebygd. Grandmother was from Aalesund.

Name: paul st.onge
City: kingston,n.h.
Sent: 12/07 21:18


Name: Joe
City: Detroit mi
Sent: 16/06 17:12

Wow what a great page Knute Rockne is the best

Name: Tom Soisson
City: South Bend, IN
Sent: 03/06 22:06

What a wonderful tribute to the greatest coach in the history of college sports. My respect for this man started in high school when I was required to give a 5 minute oral book report. My father, (who played for Leahy during the 4 undefeated years 46-49) gave me a book on 'the Rock' and I was so enchanted I was able to give the entire report without notes...and I ran overtime! I'm sure it sounds a little corny, but when I mentioned his name to my H.S. girlfriend I was incredulous when she asked me who he was. I replied quite honestly, "Are you kidding, only the third greatest man who ever lived after Jesus Christ and my dad!" I am one of many living under the shadow of our lady's dome who continues to lobby to have the house that Rock built named after this wonderful man. Thanks for this great opportunity to read more about another Notre Dame legend and share my thoughts. Keep up the great work.

Name: Ina Bråten
City: Oslo
Sent: 31/05 03:42

Det er godt å se at amrikanske fotballfans finnes over alt. Har du et favorittlag? Ser du liker Liverpool også, da er vi vel enige der også:o)
Håper været blir fint, slik at jeg kan dra på 1814s vs Trolls på lørdag (Bøl stadion, Eidsvoll)
Ha en riktig god helg! Hilsen "lillefix/desibel"

Name: Kelli Bartsch
City: Rockne, Texas
Sent: 19/05 22:07

I was so excited to see that there was actually inofrmation on the net about this great little community. I'm so proud to have my german-catholic town named after such a great football hero!

Name: Christopher D. Bergman
City: Los Osos, CA USA
Sent: 02/05 22:01

Just ran across your website,very nice. I'm the grandson of Joe "Dutch" Bergman who played for Knute Rockne. Who was also the younger brother of Alfred "Big Dutch" and Arthur "Little Dutch" Bergman".

Name: April Baldwin
City: Lidgerwood, North Dakota
Sent: 30/04 12:07

My dad, Tom, had a stroke on March 6th. The first thing he said when he started physical therapy was '"I need Knute Rockne to get me motivated!'I'm printing alot of these pages to help get him motivated. Knute Rockne is still inspiring people!! Thankyou for doing this site.

Name: Bill Reque
City: San Francisco California
Sent: 11/04 08:35

Hi; As a cousin of Knute Rockne, I'm working on the family genealogy. My g-g-grandfather and his wife [Sjur Styrkson Reque and Anna Gjermo] emigrated from Voss in 1845. The farm [thanks to NyNorsk] is now spelled Rekve.
Bill Reque
San Francisco

Name: Brandon Alexander Keyes
City: Detroit, MI
Sent: 10/04 16:22

What a great, inspirational, and motivating page. I am a junior in high school and I'm being recruited by the University of Notre Dame, and I am just so honored to be a part of such a rich tradition. Coach Rockne, the four horsemen, the "Gipper", and everyone and everything else that has ever been a part of the Notre Dame football history. Your page has really inspired me. Coach Knute Rockne, what an individual. Coach Rockne lives on in all of us. Hopefully, I'll be able to join that proud and prestigious Notre Dame family and tradition. Thank you.

Name: Harold
City: Brooklyn WI USA
Sent: 06/04 21:30

Nice page!

Name: Terry Vaughn
City: Wichita, Ks
Sent: 02/04 14:02

I went Sat 3/31 for the first time since it was built in 1935 to see the memorial at the site of the plane crash.
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the tragedy, some folks in the area had items on display at the old schoolhouse such as pictures of the crash, news clippings of the day and items from Notre Dame. There was quite a good turnout for the event. While I was there someone brought in and donated to the collection an item from the actual plane that crashed, a trim tab control from the cockpit saying it had been in possession of their family all these years. Others were offering van rides out to the site (on private property maybe a mile off the road in a hilly grass field) and telling the story about the incident.
One gentleman there, a man in his 80s said he was one of the first on the scene on that day back in 1931 and helped with the accident. He was only 13 at the time and said by the time he and a few others arrived there was nothing that could be done for anyone. He still lives in a home just a few hundred feet from the old home that he lived in as a youth, and also has been a kind of self appointed caretaker of the site all these years. The memorial is about 8 feet tall with the names of those who perished in the crash chiseled into the granite marker.

Name: Dick Luebbe
City: Lake Bluff, Illinois
Sent: 02/04 10:20

I am honored to be invited to sign this guestbook. Knute Rockne remains the most important person in the history of the game of football. When you play Notre Dame at South Bend, you don't just have to beat the team that the Irish field for the day, you also must face the legacy of Rockne, Gipp, and the Four Horseman. What though the odds, be great or be small. Old Notre Dame will win over all.

Sincere best wishes to all the descendants of the great Knute Rockne, and to all who honor his memory.

Name: Don Bell
City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7109 N.W. 119th St.
Sent: 02/04 00:42

Thank you for you invitiation to sign your guestbook. It is such a great honor to Knute and his family that you carry on his memory in such a beautiful way.
From what I have known about Knute, what impresses me the most was that he was such a great family man. I have seen the photo of his family in front of his casket. It was so touching and reminded me of how precious my own family is to me.

My thoughts and prayers are with Knute's surviving children today as they remember their loving father.

Name: Mike Gehring
City: Perysburg, OH USA
Sent: 31/03 17:05

Thanks for all your efforts to maintain and improve this site. I just got back from a shirt visit to the Notre Dame campus. Not alot going on in recognition of the 70th anniversary of Rockne's death, but he has not been forgotten. The tradition of a commemorative Mass and breakfast continue. This year's is tommorow (Sunday, Apr 1) with a former assistant football coach as guest speaker.

Name: Lee Griesemer
City: Chuluota, FL, USA
Sent: 31/03 13:25

Thanks for keeping the memories alive. Nice tribue to the legend.

Name: Bob Dorais
City: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Sent: 31/03 11:41

Your site gets better each time I come back for a visit. It is important to keep the memories of these great sports pioneers alive. And you have certainly done that for the greatest football coach ever, K.K. Rockne! Keep up the great work.

Name: Robert G.Loeffler
City: Houston,Tx. 77024Happy to s
9075 Gaylord Apt. 57
Sent: 31/03 09:20

Happy to sign you K.Rockne guestbook Bob L. So glad to be your friend.Certainly have enjoyed all ourconversations.Hope your back isfeeling better

Name: Charlie Phillips
Homepage: http://1587 E. Prince Road
City: Tucson, Arizona
Sent: 31/03 07:00

In the Chinese perspective, I am Knute Rockne come back. I, too, am a Pisces born in the Rat year. Perhaps you could help me get a football job. My friend, Dick Tomey, has just retired as coach of the University of Arizona football team so I do not have access to the game anymore. It is like I just died also. Peace to you all.

Name: sandy mitchell
City: Petersburg, Michigan
Sent: 31/03 06:51

Very nice web site...just returned from South Africa. Dave Gilman got his healdlight lenses for his 1933 Studebaker Rockne like yours..He was totally delighted to get them and get his car back on the road. Best wishes ...also..nice site on the Coach. Too bad he didnt coach for MSU (Michigan State University) haha

Name: Patrick Reymann, '87
City: Denver, Colorado
Sent: 30/03 11:20

Great site!! Thanks for all your work. You'd be interested to know that I will be meeting with several classmates of mine from Notre Dame in Las Vegas this weekend, and we will be toasting Knute at 0837 Pacific Time on Saturday morning (3/31), to commemmorate the 70th anniversary of his untimely passing. I'll read a few of the editorials that I found on your site before the toast. Thanks again!!

Name: Patrick Reymann
City: Denver, Colorado
Sent: 30/03 11:19

Great site!! Thanks for all your work. You'd be interested to know that I will be meeting with several classmates of mine in Las Vegas this weekend, and we will be toast Knute at 0837 Pacific Time on Saturday morning (3/31), to commemmorate the 70th anniversary of his untimely passing. I'll read a few of the editorials that I found on your site before the toast. Thanks again!!

Name: M. Laughlin
City: South Bend, Indiana, USA
Sent: 29/03 14:35

Hiya. I have a co-worker who is a huge American football fan, but he had never heard of Knute Rockne. I couldn't believe it! So, a quick search of the internet served up your Rockne site. Wonderful! I have a personal connection to Knute Rockne: my grandmother was in Mrs. Knute Rockne's Bridge Club. She was even an extra in the film, Knute Rockne All American -- you can see her in the funeral scene at the end of the movie and we even have the receipt from the filming: they paid her 5 dollars to be in that scene.

Question for you: in the beginning of the film they pronounce the "K" in Knute. My grandmother is long gone, so I need an expert ... is that the correct way to pronounce "Knute"? Just wondering.

Name: Trish AKA Faith
City: Medford OR
Sent: 26/03 02:56

Wow Kramer! I cant believe I have been chatting with you in ICQ for 4 years now. Such a long time and I hope we continue to be friends for years to come. I like your web page. I had not looked at it in a few years. But I am impressed you have done a great job and I agree with you about Elvis! I hope to get to meet you in person someday. And until then keep the Faith!