This homepage is dedicated to the great Knute Rockne. The most successful
coach in the history of college football. There is an old Chinese proverb that says:
"You can´t speak to much about a great man by saying too little". For as long as
football is played Knute Rockne will be remembered. He was the soul, the heart,
the brain of modern football. As the coach of Notre Dame he inspired and moulded
boys into football armies so mighty they became a myth. It was Knute Rockne
who made the Fighting Irish the team of the people, and the Notre Dame Victory
March a national sports anthem. No one in the history of American sports left a
more stirring legacy of memories among those who knew him than Knute Rockne.
This is the fact and figures, the story and the life of a person who was to
become one of the most famous figures of his time. Knute Rockne left a
legend and tradition behind that lives on years after his death in 1931.